Media Kit

You can use the following images for your communication and for product descriptions.

News about Mobsya & Thymio

HOHO HOOO!!! 🎅 🎅🎅 Nous sommes le 3 décembre et devinez qui avons nous dans le #CalendrierAventEdunum⁉️

@reseau_canope @nccrrobotics @ThymioII @planeterobots @CodeWeek_FR @CodeWeek_CH

#SpecialNoël #robotique #partagez #profitez #testez #SantaClaus

🎉Webinaire: venez fêter la fin de l'année et Noël 🎄avec nous❗
🗓️ 16 décembre
🕓 16 h CET
🎁Infos et inscriptions:
@pierrejean_b @CarolineSulek33 @ElisePlanche @PiVerTICE @YannPoirson @florabcbg @Scol_IA @TeteBots @SBrunel3
@Maternellenum @CodeWeek_CH

Communication Guidelines

Do you have interesting information to share ?

Mobsya association is taking care of Thymio communication and social medias. You can send us pertinent information about Thymio (Events, free workshops, user stories, tutorials, Thymio products reviews, …) that we will share.

We want to give followers and users useful information about how to use the robot, about what you can do with the robot and about other user’s/partners feedback. We will not share any advertising like, for example, a special offer on Thymio products.

Social networks

We will gladly repost/share posts using the hashtags #Thymio or #ThymioEdu (if the information is useful to teachers)


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